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Through-shaft rotary tiller

Rigid rack, variable speed gearbox, adjustable input angle, matching with various input speeds



  • Description
  • 1、The whole machine adopts electrostatic spraying technology

    2、Rigid rack, variable speed gearbox, adjustable input angle, matching with various input speeds

    3、The cutter shaft adopts waterproof floating oil seal to ensure that the machine can work easily in harsh environment

    Product specification sheet
    Project Unit Design value
    Default standard    
    Model name / 1GQ-180B rotary tiller
    Structural type / Frame type
    Overall dimensions of the whole machine (length × width × height) mm 1100×2025×1050
    Operating speed range m/s 0.56-1.39
    Working width cm 180
    Tillage depth cm 12-16
    Tool shaft type / Uniaxial type
    Tool shaft connection type / Spline type
    Transmission type / Side drive
    Mode of transport / Common type
    Gearbox gear number (variable speed rotary tiller) /
    Design speed of cutter roll r/min 213/285
    Maximum radius of gyration of knife roll mm 245
    Total number of installed knives of knife roller Put 32
    Type of rotary tiller / IT245
    Type of depth limiting device / Depth limiting plate
    Repression type / Carrier
    Calibration power range of supporting tractors kW 44.1-58.8
    Speed of power take-off shaft of matching tractor r/min 540/720
    key word:
    • Through-shaft rotary tiller

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