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Difficult period of the industry: how the domestic agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises "survive"

At present, the global agricultural development pattern is facing deep adjustment, the lack of impetus for sustainable agricultural growth and the significant changes in the supply and demand structure of agricultural products market have become new problems and challenges for agricultural development.


Hebei Chungeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

The main products are IGQN series rotary cultivators and ICQZ series frame rotary cultivators, which are the updated products of IGQN type beam frame rotary cultivators at present. SGTN-DV series double shaft stubble cleaning rotary cultivators, rotary tillage levelers, deep rotary cultivators, combined rotary cultivators, high box frame rotary cultivators, IJH straw crushing and returning machines, driving disc harrows, hydraulic overturning plows and other agricultural machines and tools with complete specifications.