Difficult period of the industry: how the domestic agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises "survive"


2022-12-05 16:04

At present, the global agricultural development pattern is facing deep adjustment, the lack of impetus for sustainable agricultural growth and the significant changes in the supply and demand structure of agricultural products market have become new problems and challenges for agricultural development. To strengthen China's comprehensive strength and build a powerful agricultural country, we need to accelerate the realization of agricultural internationalization and promote the sustainable development of China's agriculture. To achieve sustainable development of agriculture, it is necessary to mention the development strategy of agricultural modernization in China. The development of agricultural modernization also needs the promotion of agricultural mechanization. As one of the important contents of agricultural modernization, the development of agricultural mechanization in China has entered a new stage since the reform and opening up. Since then, the development has been smooth. Until the end of the "golden decade", the whole industry has fallen into a depression atmosphere, At this time, if we actively respond to the "going out" strategy proposed at the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it may be an opportunity.
According to relevant data, by the end of April this year, China's agricultural machinery market had achieved an accumulative export of 3.118 billion US dollars, up 1.3% year on year. Although the growth trend is not too obvious, it also shows that there is a great growth trend in the export space of China's agricultural machinery market, and all parties are also actively promoting the export growth of the agricultural machinery market.
During the 2017 China Russia Agricultural Machinery Products Fair, the China Overseas Agricultural Development Industry Alliance cooperated with Jiamusi Municipal Government and small and medium-sized agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises in Jiamusi to jointly establish the "Jiamusi Agricultural Machinery Export Innovation Alliance", aiming to integrate the advantages of Jiamusi agricultural machinery manufacturing, including host machines and accessories, to open up international markets mainly in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries, and at the same time, "enter" Africa European market, jointly develop domestic and international agricultural machinery market.
On the other hand, domestic agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises are also actively seeking the opportunity of "going global" and constantly improving their economic strength and technical strength. For example, Yituo exported ten high-power tractors to Russia, Mali government purchased 500 Lovol Leopard tractors... There are many examples of actively exploring foreign markets. The way out lies in the improvement of its own soft power. The foreign agricultural machinery market has important strategic significance for enterprises to enter the international market and build brand awareness.
Moreover, the current global economic recovery is very beneficial to the growth of China's agricultural machinery export, especially in Asia and Africa, which has become a favorable support for China's agricultural machinery export. The number of tractors and harvesters exported to Asia and Africa has increased significantly. In addition, the "the Belt and Road" strategy advocated and implemented by China will also promote the export of China's agricultural machinery to countries along the Silk Road. With the excellent performance price ratio of China's agricultural machinery, large-scale agricultural machinery will become the driving force for export, and the export of harvesting machinery will still be concentrated in the Asian market.
It is generally believed in the industry that the current domestic agricultural machinery market is only temporarily "dormant". Enterprises and dealers should not lose confidence. They should believe that when God closes one door, he will also open another. The foreign agricultural machinery market is that other door. Enterprises only need to constantly improve their internal skills on the original basis, actively seek foreign cooperation opportunities, and believe that they will be able to survive the difficult period of the industry and smoothly "survive this disaster".

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