Director Sun of Hebei Provincial Agricultural Machinery Identification Station visited Hebei Spring Farming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for investigation and guidance


2023-02-24 09:23

On the morning of February 21, the head of Hebei Provincial Agricultural Machinery Identification Station, Sun, visited Hebei Spring Farming Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to investigate and guide the work! Ning Jinfeng, general manager of spring ploughing machinery, and Wang Chunmiao, deputy general manager, gave a warm welcome. Ning Jinfeng, general manager, introduced the company's production situation and accompanied Mr. Sun to visit the company. Wang Chunmiao, deputy general manager, also made a detailed report on the production plan for spring ploughing season to Mr. Sun.

Mr. Sun visited the production workshop and products of spring ploughing machinery. Detailed safety guidance was given to all links in the company's production, problems and deficiencies of the company were put forward, and suggestions and opinions were given.

Later, Manager Ning Jinfeng led stationmaster Sun to visit the village committee of Changjiazhuang Village, where the Spring Farming Company is located, and was praised by stationmaster Sun.

Hebei Chungeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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