International merchants come to the factory for investigation


2022-12-05 16:02

On the morning of November 17, 2016, Hebei Chungeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. welcomed customers from Russia to make a field visit. Mr. Ning Jinfeng, the director of the company, warmly welcomed foreign friends. The group visited the welding workshop, assembly workshop and complete machine warehouse of Chungeng. Later, people had in-depth exchanges on the products of Chungeng. Mr. Ning Jinfeng, the director of the company, patiently answered some questions raised by customers, The two sides have reached a preliminary cooperation intention. This field visit by foreign businessmen is the recognition of Chungeng Company, which has played a vital role in our future development and is the first step for our company to complete a great leap forward.

Hebei Chungeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

The main products are IGQN series rotary cultivators and ICQZ series frame rotary cultivators, which are the updated products of IGQN type beam frame rotary cultivators at present. SGTN-DV series double shaft stubble cleaning rotary cultivators, rotary tillage levelers, deep rotary cultivators, combined rotary cultivators, high box frame rotary cultivators, IJH straw crushing and returning machines, driving disc harrows, hydraulic overturning plows and other agricultural machines and tools with complete specifications.