The Agricultural Machinery Testing and Appraisal Center of the Ministry of Agriculture held the National Agricultural Machinery "3.15" Consumer Rights Day


2022-12-05 16:05

In order to implement the rural revitalization strategy, implement the relevant requirements of quality, green, brand and the "Year of Agricultural Quality" action, on March 15, the Agricultural Machinery Testing and Identification Center of the Ministry of Agriculture (the Agricultural Machinery Quality Complaints Supervision Station of the Chinese Consumer Association) joined forces with Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Guangxi The agricultural machinery departments of the four provinces (districts and cities) in Shaanxi carried out the "March 15" consumer rights and interests day of agricultural machinery with the theme of "strengthening the quality supervision of agricultural machinery and ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of agricultural machinery users". This is the largest "March 15" joint action carried out by the identification center in recent years to protect farmers' rights and interests.
In the morning of March 15, the members of the four small teams came to the activity site under the leadership of Yao Chunsheng, Deputy Head of the Identification Station, Guo Jinghua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Wang Xinying, Director of the Quality Supervision Department, and Hou Fang'an, Deputy Director. At ten o'clock in the morning, the four cities simultaneously opened the curtain of the activity, and the "March 15" consumer rights day activity of agricultural machinery was launched. Hundreds of people from agricultural machinery bureaus of four provinces (districts and cities), agricultural machinery appraisal stations and complaint supervision stations, members of agricultural machinery cooperatives, representatives of agricultural machinery production and distribution enterprises, etc. participated in the activity, and many farmers and agricultural machinery operators came to the activity site spontaneously.
Yao Chunsheng delivered a speech at the Shaanxi branch venue. In his speech, he pointed out that there is no trivial matter in the interests of the masses, and it is the common responsibility of farmers to protect the legitimate rights and interests of agricultural machinery consumers. The "March 15" activity of agricultural machinery aims to guide public opinion to focus on the hot issues of agricultural machinery consumption, so as to promote the integrity construction of agricultural machinery enterprises. He stressed that the majority of agricultural machinery operators should establish the awareness of rights protection, resist infringement according to law, safeguard their own legitimate interests, and work with agricultural machinery quality supervision departments at all levels to build a co governance mechanism to safeguard consumers' rights and improve the quality of agricultural machinery. At the same time, he also required that agricultural machinery appraisal stations at all levels should continue to strengthen their responsibility for quality supervision, promote the institutionalization and standardization of agricultural machinery complaint supervision, accept and handle quality complaints according to laws and regulations, promote agricultural machinery manufacturing, sales and maintenance enterprises to enhance their awareness of quality subject, create a fair market environment, effectively safeguard the interests of farmers, and let the people have a real sense of gain.
Guo Jinghua also stressed in the opening speech at the Heilongjiang branch venue that we should earnestly implement the spirit of the national conference on promoting quality, green and brand agriculture and the relevant requirements of the implementation of the "Year of Agricultural Quality" by the Ministry of Agriculture, strengthen the publicity of agricultural machinery quality complaints and rights protection, improve farmers' awareness of rights and interests protection in the purchase, use and maintenance of agricultural machinery, and promote the continuous improvement of agricultural machinery quality.
During the activity, members of each team distributed information on the site, carried out policy publicity, and provided consumers with professional complaints and rights protection consulting and detailed explanations on knowledge of fraud detection and defense.
The small team of Tianjin selected the rural market in Zhongwang Town, Jinghai District to hold the on-site consultation service activity of Agricultural Machinery 3.15 Consumer Rights Day. Despite the cold weather, there was still a large flow of people. The agricultural machinery 3.15 consultation service booth was warmly concerned by the farmers. During the activity, members of the Tianjin Detachment publicized, explained and provided on-site consulting services to farmers and machine operators on the common problems and precautions of agricultural machinery quality complaints. More than 200 farmers from Jinghai District, Dagang District and other surrounding areas came to participate in the activity.
Wang Xinying said that as an agricultural machinery quality complaint agency, it is responsible for providing warm services to farmers, telling them how to identify the authenticity and the way to complain and safeguard their rights, guiding them to buy machinery legally and safeguard their rights according to law, and helping them reduce losses as much as possible.
At the activity venues in Shaanxi and Guangxi, the staff of the agricultural machinery appraisal institution answered farmers' questions in detail about subsidies for purchasing machinery, quality of agricultural machinery products, safe production of agricultural machinery, after-sales service of agricultural machinery, and received more than 200 consultations. In Heilongjiang, a major agricultural machinery province, the activity site was even hotter. The activity lasted until about two o'clock in the afternoon, and more than 1500 publicity materials were distributed.
Pictures and physical booths were also set up at the activity site to publicize the knowledge about quality protection and agricultural machinery technology to consumers through the free distribution of the Guide for Agricultural Machinery Users to Purchase Machinery, the Selection, Use and Maintenance of Mechanized Equipment in the Whole Wheat Production Process, the portable Complaint Card for Agricultural Machinery Quality Service, the posting of the Wall Map of Agricultural Machinery Safety Knowledge and other poster forms, Make consumers deeply accept the education of consumer rights protection and agricultural machinery science popularization knowledge. During the "March 15" activity of agricultural machinery, more than 3500 publicity materials and technical materials were distributed on site.
Tianjin Jinghai District Radio and TV Station, Heilongjiang Daily, Northeast China Net, Harbin TV Station, Guangxi TV Station, Nanning TV Station and Nanning Daily and other media competed to report the grand event, and the event was a complete success.

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