Notice of the Agricultural Machinery Association on convening the "2015 Report on Economic Operation and Market Analysis of Agricultural Machinery Industry"


2022-12-05 16:02

All relevant units:
In 2015, the agricultural machinery market showed diversified development characteristics. Tractors, rice harvesters, rice transplanters and other markets have seen significant growth; The markets of wheat harvesters, tillage and land preparation machinery have declined to varying degrees; Deep loosening machines, dryers, remote control flying plant protection machines and other hot spots continue, and China's agricultural machinery market is in the critical period of transformation and upgrading. In order to better grasp the future operation trend of the agricultural machinery industry, during the "2015 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition", the China Association of Agricultural Machinery Circulation and the China Association of Agricultural Machinery Industry will jointly hold the "2015 Report on Economic Operation and Market Analysis of the Agricultural Machinery Industry" (briefly referred to as the "Report"). The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
1、 Contents of the report meeting
1. Operation analysis of agricultural machinery industry in 2015.
2. Analysis of the characteristics of agricultural machinery circulation and market changes in 2015.
3. Under the new normal, the impact of China's economic development and national preferential policies on agricultural machinery industry.
4. Discuss and forecast the agricultural machinery manufacturing, market and export in 2016.
2、 Time and place of the meeting
Time: 13:30-17:00, October 27, 2015
Venue: M01, Floor 2, South Landing Hall, Qingdao International Expo Center
3、 Participants
Key agricultural machinery production and circulation enterprises, agricultural machinery identification and promotion departments, agricultural machinery research institutes, colleges and universities, agricultural machinery cooperatives and relevant news media.
4、 Other matters
1. The meeting is open and free of charge.
2. Delegates should arrive at the venue 10 minutes ahead of the meeting time and sign in at the "report meeting" sign in place (you can leave a business card to sign in).

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