What are the new highlights of 2017 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition


2022-12-05 16:04

The China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition) has been steadily improving, and the overall scale and influence of the participating enterprises have been constantly improving, which strongly supports the national agricultural strategic development requirements for the integrated development of grain, economy and feed, agriculture and animal husbandry, planting, breeding and processing, and primary, secondary and tertiary industries. When the exhibition approaches again, what will be the new highlights of this exhibition? On October 10, the press conference of "2017 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition" co sponsored by China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association, China Agricultural Mechanization Association and China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association was held in Beijing. Chen Tao, Vice President of China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association, Yang Lin, Vice President of China Agricultural Mechanization Association, and Fan Jinglong, Vice President of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association introduced the basic situation of the International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition and the World Agricultural Machinery Summit respectively at the conference, And the arrangement of relevant meetings and activities. The exhibition will be held in Wuhan International Expo Center from October 26 to 28. It is understood that up to now, there are 1993 exhibitors, including 1032 host enterprises and 961 parts enterprises. The number and quality of exhibitors have been further improved.
It is reported that the exhibition has set up characteristic exhibition areas, including orchard, vegetable machinery area, China Agricultural Robot Competition exhibition area, national college students' agricultural equipment innovation works exhibition area, especially the "cooperative post station", which provides a place for the participating cooperatives and agricultural machinery operators to rest, learn and communicate, and carries out 2017 national agricultural machinery cooperative demonstration cooperative training exchange, agricultural machinery simulation operation experience Interactive games, drinks and other activities.
In addition, the upgraded Universal Search 2.0 also integrates multiple application functions under the "My" column. For example, it integrates the functions of audience registration, login and electronic visitor card, and visitors can exchange the electronic visitor card for the "visitor card" on site; Through the "Scan" function, scan the barcode of other viewers to add friends; It integrates the functions of "taking a business card" and "business card folder", and can take a picture of a person's business card and store it in his/her own business card folder; What's more, the audience can offer suggestions to the sponsor through the "Universal Search" application, which is very humanized.
During the exhibition, meetings will also be held to strengthen technical support for agricultural mechanization, boost agricultural supply side structural reform, 2017 agricultural machinery industry economic operation and market analysis report, national (part) modern agricultural industry technology system machinery post scientists report, 2017 China Vegetable Production Mechanization Development Forum, agricultural machinery information technology and application seminar, agricultural aviation standards seminar Seminar on the structural adjustment and technical upgrading of tillage and planting machinery, the press conference of 2018 Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Expo, the on-site demonstration activity of the whole process mechanized production technology of rice and rape continuous cropping, the international hydraulic technology development forum, the 2017 China Orchard Mechanization Development Forum, the domestic and international livestock and poultry breeding waste recycling seminar, and the China Agricultural Machinery Post Market Forum.
It is understood that in order to increase the number of visitors and improve the quality of visitors, the exhibition has done a lot of visitor organization work. In addition to inviting leaders in charge, agricultural machinery professionals, professional visitors, dealers, etc. to attend the conference, nearly 1000 cooperative visitors were specially invited, mainly local large agricultural machinery households organized by excellent dealers, national agricultural machinery cooperative demonstration cooperatives, farmers' cooperatives recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture's Economic and Management Center, local agricultural machinery cooperatives and cooperatives organized by some media, and they were provided with free accommodation and exhibition reception services.
In the book area, seven publishing houses including China Agricultural Publishing House (Rural Readings Publishing House), China Agricultural University Press, China Agricultural Science and Technology Press, China Fortune Press, China Economic Publishing House, Machinery Industry Publishing House and Hubei Science and Technology Publishing House participated in the exhibition. It is planned to have activities such as the launching ceremony of the monograph of Professor Park, a white man. The zone also invited WeChat platforms well-known in the industry such as Western Agricultural Machinery Network, Beiken Agricultural Machinery Network, and Northern Agricultural Machinery to interact.
It is understood that the 6th World Agricultural Machinery Summit was first held in China and came to Wuhan at the same time as the exhibition. Relevant institutions, industry organizations, experts and scholars, manufacturing enterprises, international buyers, farmers, and international media from dozens of countries in Europe, America, Asia Pacific, and Africa will gather in China to discuss global agricultural machinery development and bring international trade and cooperation opportunities to the participants. In addition, the third annual meeting of the Council of the Asia Pacific Regional Agricultural Machinery Association, as another important initiative of the 2017 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition to actively expand internationalization, will also come to China. At the same time, leaders of the competent department of agricultural mechanization, representatives of well-known agricultural machinery enterprises at home and abroad, and representatives of Internet and financial enterprises were invited to make reports on the construction of agricultural machinery maintenance service system, the development of second-hand agricultural machinery at home and abroad, the supply system of agricultural machinery aftermarket service accessories, the innovation of agricultural machinery aftermarket business model, and the promotion of Internet and financial tools on agricultural machinery professional services. "We hope to share the advanced experience and planning of domestic and foreign agricultural machinery aftermarket, discuss the current situation and problems of China's agricultural machinery aftermarket, and discuss the healthy development of China's agricultural machinery aftermarket," Chen Tao said.
It is understood that Wuhan International Expo Center opened a subway this year, which is very convenient. You can get out of the subway station and arrive at the entrance of the exhibition hall in a few minutes, which not only reduces traffic pressure, but also is fast and environmentally friendly.

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